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Addiction Therapeutic Services

Addiction Therapeutic Services CARFATS offers drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis day and evening outpatient treatment programs located in the heart of Rancho Mirage, California, which rests against the San Jacinto Mountains.  ATS is dedicated to providing high quality care, comprehensive treatment planning, and individualized and holistic care.  The ATS Treatment Team consists of highly trained and experienced licensed professionals including a medical doctor, physician assistance, psychologist, therapists, counselors, and support staff.  The strength in our team creates a solid foundation of recovery from addiction and dual diagnosis.

Addiction Therapeutic Services is a CARF Accredited facility which requires ATS to hold higher standards in regulations of treatment protocols.  ATS utilizes an abstinence based model which requires complete detoxification from mind or mood altering medications and substances.  Each client is provided an individual assessment and provided alternative treatment or non-addictive medications to help address depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, or any other co-occurring condition.  In addition to the individual, we also provide family treatment to encourage a healthy family system for an even stronger foundation for recovery for the entire support system.

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ATS is a leading abstinence-based Addiction and Dual Diagnosis treatment provider in Rancho Mirage, CA in the Coachella Valley.  While in treatment at ATS you will receive an in-depth assessment, individual therapy, group therapy sessions, family therapy, and case management to ensure for a continuum of care.  We offer customized programming including day and evening programs to meet your needs and where you are in the treatment and recovery process.

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The Team at Addiction Therapeutic Services is comprised of highly experienced licensed professionals that include medical, therapeutic, and support staff.  Each client at ATS will receive individualized care from the team members and treated with warmth and compassion.  The ATS treatment team is dedicated and passionate about treating addiction and dual diagnosis and helping each client create a solid foundation and path for recovery.

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The Addiction Therapeutic Services addiction and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are located in the beautiful city of Rancho Mirage in Southern California.  The facilities offer a serene and therapeutic surrounding with a backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains.  The clinical offices provide a safe and therapeutic environment creating a comfortable environment for healing and recovery.  We invite you to request a tour and meet the team.


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